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Why Plurality? Through social media and habit people are reading and sharing articles from the mainstream media. We all know the problems with a lot of these sources - billionaire backed newspapers with their own agenda. The answer to this isn’t to find the one pure source of news. Instead there are many independent sources out there it is just a matter of finding them.

What is Plurality? Plurality is a browser extension. When installed you can click on mainstream media articles from your social media feed and instead of loading the article Plurality kicks in and shows you several articles on the same subject from independent sources. You can then read those articles and share them instead.

Impact. With enough people using Plurality we can restrict traffic to mainstream media websites and reduce their reach into our users social networks. We can support independent journalism and we can restrict the control the billionare class exercise over our country.

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Plurality isn't quite ready. We are still testing and refining it and adding excellent independent publications.

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There is no charge to use Plurality and we do not sell advertising or personal data and never will. We are building the service on our own time and paying to run it with our own money for the benefit of the public.

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Plurality wins Tyk Side Project Funding

We are very please and thankful to announce that we were selected as one of the winners of the Tyk Side Project Fund!

As well as some financial help to pay for hosting Tyk are helping to raise our profile so that we can grow.